Neville Marriner, 15.2.1924-2.10.2016

Neville Marriner conducts the JSO and a rare piano trio, 17.1.79

'From the first moment there was an unbelievable chemistry between us, as if it was a metaphysical transmission of music, without any need for words. We never looked at each other, and hardly had to look at Marriner. It was a wonderful experience for me: as if this sensation is flowing towards me from
.'different directions simultaneously

(Alexander Tamir)


From the concert: Listen to the wonderful Concerto fro Three Pianos in F Major, K. 242, conducted by Neville MArriner, with piano trio Bracha Eden, Alexander Tamir and Pnina Saltzman

First movement: Allegro

Second Movement: Adagio

Third Movement: Rondo. Tempo di Minueto

:The Concerto in full

The renowned English conductor Neville Marriner passed away two weeks ago at the age of 92. Marriner's career started as a violinist in a string quartet, and he had later joined the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1959 he founded the Chamber Orchestra of the St Martin-in-the-Fields academy – in an attempt to create a chamber ensemble consisting of London's finest players. At first the ensemble was an 'island without a conductor', Marriner soon became a 'turncoat' as he described himself in one of many interviews: a conductor frequently holding a violin in one hand and a baton i the other. Today the Chamber Orchestra of the St Martin-in-the-Fields academy is one of the world's finest chamber orchestras, with a huge recordings repertoire (over 500 CDs), and its collaboration with Marriner being the most recorded of any conductor-orchestra in the world, with an emphasis on Baroque music – but at the same time Marriner was busy founding other orchestras in Europe and the .US, and conducting some of the best orchestras worldwide

One of those orchestras was the JSO, in an EBU concert on the 17th of January 1979, which was also filmed for Israeli TV. Held in Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem, the concert featured works by Chopin, Mozart, Poulenc and Stravinsky – and three of Israel's most prominent pianist of that era, two of which a brilliant artistic duo: The Eden-Tamir Duo (Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir) and Pnina Saltzman. Marriner's affability made the rehearsals as well as the concert 'a delight'. 'Oh, that was at the time when conductors actually yelled at the players', says Tamir, 'but that was not the case under Marriner.  He was 'super-English'. Polite, with a rare inner tranquility and confidence, all contributing to a  – relaxed work environment. We felt the results – it was as if the orchestra was ten feet tall!'

And Tamir adds:' that was the case in the rehearsals as weel as the concert itself, which was a huge success. Marriner had tried to bring us (the Eden-Tamir duo and Pnina Saltzman) to a festival in the US, but in the end it didn't come together'.

:The Concert Programme

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